Unlock your potential with a personal AI assistant.

Our seamless iMessage assistant helps you get more done with less time and effort.

Create content and images, get up-to-date web research, text reminders when you need them, and much more.

Powered by GPT-4, Google Search & DALL-E 3.

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No signup needed

No identifying information

Same day support

The most capable AI assistant

At your fingertips

Accessible from your iPhone, Watch, Macbook, CarPlay and Siri.

Web Browsing Enabled
AI powered web research gives you instant recommendations, news summaries, weather forecasts and even game results.
Keeps You On-track
Simple text reminders help you clear your mental list and build habits. Don't miss a thing with timely reminders.
Artist In Your Pocket
Visualize your ideas with AI-powered image generation. From conceptual designs to detailed illustrations.
Voice Activated
Save as a contact, and use voice commands to tell your phone to send messages easily and hands-free. "Hey Siri, text GPT"
App screenshot ChatGPT in iMessage usage screenshot

Your personal assistant is a message away.
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